Movement & Meditation for Well-Being
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All our courses are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and body types.

Welcome to Sussex Health Arts Movement & Meditation for Well-Being

We are: Sussex Health Arts The Five Keys Dragon & Tiger Tai Chi Circle Walking Meditation

Tai Chi and Qi Gong forms are effective antidotes to the intensity of the fast paced modern working life.

They all develop the practitioners ability to relax and release tension and stress, and help alleviate some of the related conditions and illnesses.

As these holistic exercises work throughout the body they harness and unify the body's own physiology. Therefore these exercises and related therapeutic applications compliment your body's internal and external health simultaneously.

Through this, the immune system is boosted to help build resistance to illnesses. Falls prevention and recovery from injury can be improved, as well as a number of chronic conditions. Also a general feeling of well-being can be cultivated through the day-to-day basis.

As these arts go beyond just the physical choreography, they allow you to nurture a deeper sense of mindfulness, a presence of mind, both within the physical body and mind, and throughout your interaction with the world around you.

These gentle and adaptable movements allow easy access to all physical abilities, from the wheelchair bound to active athletes, and can have profound benefits for all.

Sussex Health Arts runs friendly regular classes for you to begin enjoying improved health and well-being. We are also part of the London Tao Arts network.

Four Connected Streams, One Integrated Whole

All the individual streams feed into one integrated whole.

All these streams are part of a greater whole. Each with their own focus, they develop particular physical and energetic themes whilst remaining connected to the bigger picture.

All cultivate relaxation and work to release stress and tension held within the body and mind. This is done through physically massaging the soft tissues and gently working the joints and through developing a becalmed and present attitude.

These themes are deepened throughout the forms, both within each practice and unified within other forms.