Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong is a Qi Gong Medical form that has been practiced in China for over 1,500 years to improve and maintain the health of individuals.

Through a series of 7 movements, you will learn to affect the flow of your Qi along the main energy, or Qi, Meridians of the body with your hands. These Meridians are the same as those used by Acupuncturists to heal ailments.

By becoming aware of Qi, and developing the connection with your hands, the movements will stimulate the flow of Qi through particular groups of Meridians. This is combined with the physical benefit of gently massaging the soft tissues of the body and opening and releasing the joints through performing the movements. This two pronged stimulation will help ‘wear down’ and clear blockages, both physical and energetic, to produce increased relaxation and improved bodily functions as well as a greater sense of well being.

The 7 gentle movements are especially beneficial for increasing range of movement, especially in the upper body and legs and with regular practise will also improve physical balance, coordination and flexibility. Because Dragon and Tiger is a soft-impact Qi gong set that is easy on the joints and knees, almost anyone can do it regardless of age, weight, body type and fitness level. Even if the movements are done within a small range it is still extremely effective.

The Seven Movements

In movement one you will learn to use your hands to trace the acupuncture meridians that you are trying to activate. Movement one involves co-ordinating both hands and feet in a gentle and soft movement which will balance the Qi in your legs, feet, hands, arms and torso.

Movement 1 of the Dragon and Tiger set is also an integral element of the “5 Keys – Fundamentals for Tai Chi” exercise set.

Movement two involves shifting your weight while turning from the torso. The hand and foot movements contain a flicking gesture that releases stagnant Qi. The movement has several co-ordination challenges but once mastered, this movement works deeply into the soft tissue of the neck, shoulder and arm to help them relax and greatly improves balance.

A key piece of movement 3 is the repeated tracing of the Dai Mai meridian which connects all the major vertical acupuncture lines in the body. The movement also includes lowering your body by squatting from the Kwa (Inguinal Groove). The movement will increase overall leg strength, flexibility and balance as well as increase blood circulation.

As you do this movement Chi transfers between the left and right side of your body. The movement requires the co-ordination of a gentle and continuous side to side motion of the arms and shoulder blades, with turning your head. The movement loosens up the whole upper body and increases flexibility of the shoulder blades.

This movement enables you to ground your energy and bring balance into your body and emotions. The movement includes the repeated tracing of the Dai Mai meridian as practised in movement 3. This is followed by the co-ordination of lifting and dropping your heels whilst flicking downwardly your fingers so that your energy drops in a sudden but relaxed manner. This movement provides a powerful release of stagnant energy from your Kidneys.

This movement releases stagnant energy in two directions: towards heaven and towards earth. This enables the remaining energy to flow strongly up and down your body.

The movement involves using a hand and finger position known as “sword hands” to trace the energy pathways and to bend and extend your “sword fingers” in the direction of heaven and earth above and below the body.

This movement ties together all the major energetic circulations in your body that the previous six movements of Dragon and Tiger have stimulated. The hands move diagonally across the body while the torso continually turns to the right and left which encourages a higher level of physical balance and energetic connection.